Who We Are

Programmers and graphic designers, artists and professionals. Drawing from a wide variety of experience and background, our team sees every challenge from a different angle.

What We Do

We specialize in applications for many needs without sacrificing aesthetic for functionality or vice versa. Whether it's a business solution or a personal passion project, we approach projects from the ground up with each user's experience in mind.

Where We've Been

...and where we're going


Didgeridoo Learning App

DidgIt is a groundbreaking new app that lets didgeridoo players create rhythms and songs using an innovative approach.

Super StarPong

Meet The Future of Super Old Games

Super StarPong is the latest in cutting-edge 8-bit gaming. Enjoy hours of making a white rectangle hit a smaller white square, blasting across a black background. Share the adventure in "Versus" mode or go it alone in Single Player.

Defiance (COMING SOON!)

The Tabletop You Remember!

Defiance is a nostalgic throwback to tabletop games of olde. In defiance, you lead a band of adventurers from land to land, righting wrongs and helping the people to overcome tyranny.

Why Isn't That A Thing?

We are always looking for our next project. If you have an idea you want to make come to life, click below and let's get started.

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